Thursday, March 17, 2011

Four minutes and sweating! Say what?

That's right. I did a FOUR minute work out today and it had me SWEATING all over!

Today's workout:

Obviously, it's fast and intense so I didn't get to count my reps. I just know, I pushed myself. It was only four minutes! I did EXACTLY what you saw in the video. Yes, folks. I even did a REAL push up. If you know me, you know... I started out on this journey rarely being able to do a full push up on my knees! Granted, I didn't go all the way down but I went half way and I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow. This will definitely be going on the top of my favorites. Especially when I try to find an excuse not to work out one day. IT'S ONLY FOUR MINUTES. Who doesn't have four minutes to spare?

Aside from that, though. I danced to four songs on Just Dance 2. I'm doing the "Just Sweat" program and reached my "sweat" of 1000 on just two songs so I did two more after that. I've done drank some water, stretched, drank some more water, read Dallas a bed time story and put him to bed and I am STILL sweating.

So, now I'm sick of this sweating crap and going to jump in the shower. Night all!

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