Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh my goodnesssss | Day 3 | Body Rock

I really tried to push myself today. After yesterday's work out, I am feeling the burn! Every where, arms, legs, abs, BUTT... Every.Where.

Today's workout:

Jump Up & Star Lift:
60 reps in 8:03

James Bond Lunges:
60 reps in 3:09

Monkey Business: SKIPPED
I tried to do them. I tried pushing through it, but I couldn't. Those are intense! But, I will come back to them one day!

Side Crunch:
30 reps on right side: 1:05
30 reps on left side: 1:03

Break Down Push Up: SKIPPED
I hate push ups. I did about six reptile push ups from yesterday but I am just too darn sore!

To try and make up for what I missed above, I did this modified move 30 times (I didn't time myself):

I'm going to do a 20 minute Zumba class as well then I have a dinner date with two of my girlfriends.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day Two | Body Rock (and Zumba!)

Let me start off by saying, it feels really good to be back.

Today's work out:

I watched the video thinking "oh, this doesn't look too bad. I'm used to lunges, squats and butt kicks thanks to the 30DS and the BL Cardio I've done..." Oh, let me tell you. This ain't nothin' compared to those. Jillian and the BL crew are damn good trainers, but Zuzana kicks butt!

Here's how I did:

Kick over & knee raise: (modified, and didn't use any bars)
Round 1: 13
Round 2: 12
Round 3: 12

Side Lunge Jump:
Round 1: 17
Round 2: 20
Round 3: 20

Reptile push up: (KILLER, modified!)
Round 1: 10
Round 2: 8
Round 3: 8
I suck at push ups to begin with, then you add the reptile part? Woo weeeeeeeeeee.

Sandbag Clean & Squat: (modified)
Round 1: 23
Round 2: 21
Round 3: 20

High Knees: (modified, I don't have a jump rope =/)
Round 1: 60
Round 2: 60
Round 3: 40
I slacked on Round 3 here. I tried my best but I just couldn't go near as fast or as high as my first two Rounds.

All in all, GREAT work out. Had me sweating, has me sore.

But, I didn't stop there...

Hubby let me get Zumba Fitness for the Wii. I have seen Zumba videos and I know what Zumba is, but I have never experienced it.

OH MY GOSH, it's SO much fun! And a REALLY REALLY great work out all in one! It's so fun, it doesn't even feel like you're working out. And I like that it's an actual GAME. Not just a DVD you follow along to. It's awesome.

I did two 20 minute Beginner classes on Easy and even after my first one, I was sweating. It was great. I feel great.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'M BAAACK! | Day One | Body Rock TV

I'll admit, I have fallen off the horse the past two weeks. I have worked out here and there doing my Biggest Loser Cardio Max and a little bit of dancing but nothing too serious and I definitely haven't been giving it my all. My food intake has been almost the same but I have slipped here and there for some pizza and fried foods... Which left me regretting it later BUT something has hit me

I am in a group on FB and a friend found this website called Body Rock TV by Zuzana. After looking through it in the middle of the night and seeing this lady's workouts AND her body (although, I don't intend on getting that muscular but she sure is nice to look at, not gonna lie!), it just hit me... I need to get up, get back to working out. I have almost lost 20 pounds already, am I really going to stop now when I am almost HALF WAY to my goal?

Yesterday, I was in my group and the same friend who found this website posted that she was going to do one of Zuzana's workouts and asked who was in. I took a look at the work out, read the blog and replied, "I'm in!" That was that. Once I vowed to my girls that I was going to do it, I HAD to do it. (It's nice having such a great support system!)

I woke up this morning, knowing what I had to do, giving me no excuses not to. After running a few errands and cleaning up our house, it was time.

After watching the video, I knew it was going to be intense, but I didn't know exactly HOW intense! But, I got through it. Here are my times.

1. Climber's lunges: 50 reps in 4:55
I was out of breath ALREADY BEFORE I was even finished doing these. When I was done and stood up, I was already sweating!

2. Pike Jumps: 100 reps in 2:44
Whew! I took a break at 50 but then, kept going and I thought I was going to end up falling over and fainting. Still sweating!

3. Abs:
I think I did these wrong in reps. I did both sides counting that as one rep. (As in: bring legs up in the center, bent knees, went to the right, extended legs, came back to center, extended legs in center, bent knees, went to the left, extended legs, came back to center, went down: one.)
Doing it that way I did 50 reps in 7:09

But, after I realized how long it took me, I went back and read: "Raise your legs back up. Now bend your knees, rotate your lower body towards one side and extend your legs. Reverse the movement and get back to the starting position. This counts as 1 rep."
So, does that mean I did 100 reps in 7:09?

Either way, I did them!

4. Leg Switch: 50 reps in 2:12, break, 30 reps in 1:41, done
This one was rough for me. I couldn't get them all in but I got as much as I could in!

How did I feel after the entire thing? LIKE JELLO! And absolutely amazing! I'm back, I'm back, I'm back.

It felt sooo good and I am so thankful to have come across this site! Great workouts, a great instructor AND it's FREE! =D So, get your booties up and ROCK YOUR BODY! =D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a week and a half!

So, lots has been going on here. Just not lots of working out like normal. Last week was just terrible. Lots of bad news and lots of sickness going around. And again this week, even though, I am not the one who is sick, my husband is which makes it that much harder to stay motivated to work out when I have to tend to two little boys all day and night. I just hope I don't end up with what he's got!

Even though, I have not worked out as often as I wish to, I have been keeping up with my diet! And I have managed to keep my weight off and even managed to lose an additional two pounds. I am now 155! =) So, that's good news!

Just thought I'd update this thing, to let everyone know where I have been and that I have not fallen completely off of my diet routine.

I hope tomorrow is a better day! And I can keep my promise to myself that I'll start working out again! <3