Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Five | Level Two | 30 Day Shred

Excuse my language but SHIT, SON.

This morning I didn't feel like doing a thing. No motivation AT ALL. Even worse than yesterday. But, like always, I did it. This time I had to post in my support group and a fellow shredder (hehe) who is on the same day as me told me that she didn't want to be celebrating without me and that sort of did it. Knowing we're on the same day, I definitely wouldn't want to see her celebrating and me falling behind. I want to be able to celebrate together and not let each other down! Another fellow shredder had me thinking about skinny jeans and cute tees =).

I fell off my diet last night and this morning. I had a few spoonfuls of ice cream last night and a few chocolate chips this morning so knowing I did that, made me work really hard today. And let me tell you, I did. I did the whole work out with less modifications and less breaks for water and I am on fire! My arms are BURNING, my legs are burning and so are my abs! WOO!

It also helped a lot having Kevin's little sister here. She should be here every day. She kept telling me, "you're really good!, you're good at this Michelle!" It was really motivating =).

Oh, and one more thing. HALF WAY THERE!!! In five days, I'll be stepping on the scale and I have yet to take measurements but I'll be able to take pictures to compare and that will hopefully show me some results! Eek. I'm ready to be shredded =).

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  1. Woot! We are half way there! I am about to do todays workout, just waiting for little one to go down for a nap because its much harder to do an hour of workouts (I do two levels) with little baby crawling around haha. OH, so you should get Banish fat boost metabolism and no more trouble zones from jillian michaels next! I have them and am going to start them after the 30 day shred. I found a rotation on Spark People of using these three workouts and hear the results are quite nice! Like one day you do Level 1 30 DS, the next BFBM and the next NMTZ and such! We could do those together too...