Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day Eight | Level Two | 30 Day Shred

I need water.

I feel great after today's work out. Absolutely GREAT. I must admit, though. I still find Circuit Three's Three minute of Strength to be KILLER. No doubt about my endurance, I have seen an improvement but it's when I really start to feel the burn. WHEW.

Two more days and I will be on Level Three. I am really kind of scared about that but I'm kind of ready for something new, again. Also, I'm glad I'll be working a little harder on Friday (when I start Level Three) because I'm going to a Girl's Night at one of my best friends' house with yummy snacks. I'm not going to binge but I am looking forward to being treated with some sweets. I have done very well the past 18 days. I deserve a little reward.

Time for some water and a little snack. Dinner smells SO YUMMY. I'm saving my appetite for it. =)

1 comment:

  1. The sit and V raises??? Yah.........those kick my butt.....when I first started it was SO hard for me, but its much easier now.

    OOOH and you said the punch cardio doesnt do anything for you from the first level? If you do it like me you will haha, give it a shot. Sink real low in a squat, butt out and when you punch, punch WAY across your body which rotates your midsection, dont punch in front or just slightly off to the center, rotate that midsection and keep those arms UP! You'll feel doubt about it hahaa. Wooo, 2 more days!