Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Nine | Level Two | 30 Day Shred

Although, Level Two still sort of kicks me in the butt (in a good way), I am ready to move onto Level Three on Friday. Tomorrow is my last day of Level Two! WOO.

I saw an extreme increase in my endurance today especially after walking up a hill a few times (because we took our oldest son sledding). It felt like a breeze getting through Circuits One and Two but it seems that everytime I get to Circuit Three, it just HITS me in the face! It's tough but as she says, it works! I hope that I can see a major difference in my photos come Friday. If not, I feel I may be a bit discouraged. But, I'm going to keep going to get where I want to be!

Time for a quick shower before it's time to lay the boys down!

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  1. You did work out today? Great!! Then we are still on the same day, awesome! :) But you got extra cals burned by all that sledding!

    I know what you mean about being discouraged..I know I put on this brave face and all, but I have my doubts too. Everyone wants instant gratification, and I am no different. I feel like I didnt change look wise much from 10 days ago, and when I try on clothes hoping I will just slide right in, I get upset when they seem to fit me the same.

    But then I have to take a step back and say, its been 19 DAYS...Now even three whole takes time. What did I expect ya know? To be my goal weight in 2 and a half weeks? So I try and cut myself some slack. I am eating the way I should, VERY minimal cheating if any, I am exercising every single day.

    If anything, we need to be proud we are sticking with this, and we are seeing an increase of our strength and endurance. Baby steps....We rock....and I hope we will help be an inspiration for those who need a little push. Me wanting to also be a motivator for others also helps me get up and do it every day. But keep it up, even if we arent wow'd tomorrow.....we are doing the right thing and we will see a payoff.