Friday, January 28, 2011

Day One | Level Three | 30 Day Shred

Can I just mention real quick how proud I am of my boys? Two days in a row, they have been good so that I can get my work outs in! =) They know Mommy is working really hard and want this as bad as I do. When we went sledding the other day, if I hadn't been working out, there was no way I would be able to walk up that hill as well as I did. Definitely wouldn't have been able to carry my oldest son up it either! Not saying it wasn't a work out but it was much more tolerable than if I tried it a few months ago.

Level Three isn't as bad as I thought! At the end, she tells us to give us a pat on our backs... And guess what? I did! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! I got through Circuit One and Two mostly following along with Natalie (the more intense trainer.) But, again, Circuit Three was a killer. But, in a great way! I feel AWESOME. It's sad to say but I still think that Level Two is a little bit harder than Level Three. BUT, without doing Level Two the past ten days, there's NO WAY I would have got through Level Three so easily! So it really does work out.

I'm ready to do it again!
But, then comes my duties of being a mom ;) Troy now knows I no longer need to work out so he's crying for me =).

OH OH. I lost two pounds since last time and haven't had a chance to take pictures yet. So far I have lost 13lbs! =D

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