Monday, January 17, 2011

Day One | Level Two | 30 Day Shred

Man, oh MAN!

Note to self: DO NOT work out when Hubby isn't home and the kids are awake for two reasons: 1) It took me an hour to do a 20 minute work out and I had to break in between to tend to the children. Not good. And 2) They couldn't hold out for 20 minutes so I could work out, what makes me think they'll hold out for even five more so I can shower? So yes, never again unless they're napping =).

But, lets move on to what you came here for...

Level Two is..... brutal (for now). My arms, legs and ABS felt like they were going to fall off (that's what I'm hoping for, though, right?) ;). Aside from the breaks to get the kids, I tried to keep up as much as I could. And I must admit, I think I did an awesome job because my whole body is aching right now. So, I can ONLY imagine what I'll feel like once I can do the full work out in the 20 minutes.

Aside from it being tough, I really enjoyed it. It's hard but it's manageable and it's going to be totally worth it because I can already see myself in 10 days. I'm almost on my way! =D My body may not appreciate the change but I do!

The only downside... I weighed in last Wednesday at 160! (WOO HOO, right?) But, now... I'm 162.4 =(. But, I'm not too bummed because 1) That will be gone in no time and hopefully I can make my way to 150! =D And 2) It could be because I'm gaining muscle?!

I plan on working extra hard tomorrow, no matter what. I'm ready for my end results and reward! Just gotta keep thinkin', it'll be here in NO time.


  1. Michelle, funny you mentioned your weight went did mine. I was down 137.4 and today I was 138.2. Water weight maybe, muscle, even more likely. Besides, its how you look and feel that matter the most, the number on the scale is just that...a number! Keep it up!

    *Oh and I sooo know how it is with doing it with 2 kids and no hubby around!

  2. Also Mic G, remember that you should weigh yourself first thing when you wake up after you use the restroom. If not, you've already added water and possibly breakfast food weight. I can wake up at 118, but the end of the day, after eating/drinking, I can be up to 122 or more.

    You're doing awesome. And now I want to do the shred. Haha.