Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh my goodnesssss | Day 3 | Body Rock

I really tried to push myself today. After yesterday's work out, I am feeling the burn! Every where, arms, legs, abs, BUTT... Every.Where.

Today's workout:

Jump Up & Star Lift:
60 reps in 8:03

James Bond Lunges:
60 reps in 3:09

Monkey Business: SKIPPED
I tried to do them. I tried pushing through it, but I couldn't. Those are intense! But, I will come back to them one day!

Side Crunch:
30 reps on right side: 1:05
30 reps on left side: 1:03

Break Down Push Up: SKIPPED
I hate push ups. I did about six reptile push ups from yesterday but I am just too darn sore!

To try and make up for what I missed above, I did this modified move 30 times (I didn't time myself):

I'm going to do a 20 minute Zumba class as well then I have a dinner date with two of my girlfriends.


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  1. This abdominal exercise is easy just lie on the back with the legs in the air and put your hands underneath the head. When you do exercises for your core, you strengthen all the muscles in a way that keeps them working together.